Conversation between President Nixon and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Thomas Moorer.
May 9, 1972

President Nixon: Hello?

Operator: Admiral Moorer returning your call.

RN: Who?

Operator: Admiral Moorer

RN: Oh yes.

Operator: All right here you are.

RN: Hello?

Thomas Moorer: Good Morning, Mr. President.

RN: Well I just wanted to tell you that now we depend on you to see that we don't flub this one.

TM: Yes sir.

RN: Particularly zero in, zero in. Don't go to these secondary targets. We got to get those rail lines. We've got to get the P.O.L. [Petroleum, Oil and Lubricant reserves], and in secondary place the power plants and the airfields. But there is no damned excuse now, because you have what the military has claimed it has never had before. You've got the authority to do it.

TM: Yes sir. And we are going to do it, Mr. President. Alls I wanted to tell you is that I thought that was a magnificent -

RN: I appreciate that. I understand you called last night.

TM: And I wrote you a little note this morning.

RN: Well, thank you. And just stand up - did you do any good with Stennis?

TM: Yes sir. I had Mr. Stennis and most of the armed services committee this morning.

RN: See, we need Stennis, if we can get him.

TM: Yes sir, I think I can get him. I am working on several, but I thought it might be a little hostile, perhaps, but well frankly my hearing this morning, I was there about two hours and a half, was very good.

RN: Good.

TM: Very good sir. Thank you, sir. You can depend on us.

RN: Carry on.

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