Telephone conversation between President Nixon and Hobart D. Lewis
April 30, 1973, 11:04-11:06 p.m.

President Noxon: Hello?

Hobart D. Lewis: Mr. President?

RMN: Yeah.

HDL: I just wanted to tell you that was a tremendous job.

RMN: You always say that, Hobe.

HDL: No, no I don't. I certainly don't. In any case, I think this was the best of all, and I'm the toughest. Just, just-

RMN: You know, having to tell two men who didn't-who refused to resign, to tell them they had to was the toughest thing, tomorrow-yesterday.

HDL: Of course.

RMN: And they are great men.

HDL: Of course they are.

RMN: But I had to do it.

HDL: Well, you're going to miss them.

RMN: Oh, well, the hell with missing them. I can-you can fill any position, Hobe.

HDL: Sure. Nevertheless, it was the only thing to do, just the only thing to do.

RMN: You didn't think the speech was too emotional, huh?

HDL: No, it wasn't. It had to be emotional. I thought it was exactly right, the right tone of voice, and you've got everybody pulling for you, because you cleared the air on the whole thing. Without any question, it was the best job you've ever done.

RMN: I hope you liked God bless America, at the end.

HDL: Well, of course.

RMN: I believe that you know, very deeply.

HDL: I know. Well, it was very, it was very clear that your feeling about the whole thing was so sound and so sincere, so honest. You just absolutely put the, put the cold light of day on the facts.

RMN: Right. Isn't it a shame it's all about a crappy little thing that didn't work?

HDL: No, of course.

RMN: Didn't work. Nobody ever got any goddamn thing out of this goddamn bugging.

HDL: No goddamn thing, of course-just a bunch of schoolboys.

RMN: Assholes--

HDL: Just terrible.

RMN: --if you don't mind the word.

HDL: Well now, well now, you can just move forward. And, let me-

RMN: Well, that's what we're gonna do.

HDL: I told Rose if there's anything I can do, either personally or professionally.

RMN: I have that in mind. I got the message and I have you very much in mind, my friend.

HDL: Well, certainly, anything I can do at all. I want-

RMN: All right, fine.

HDL: Was there-

RMN: Give our best to your lovely wife and the Admiral.

HDL: Well, give my best to everyone there. Thank you so much.

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