Telephone conversation between President Richard Nixon and Bob Haldeman
April 30, 1973, 10:16 p.m.

President Nixon: Hello?

Bob Haldeman: Hi.

RMN: Hope I didn't let you down.

BH: No, sir. You got your points over, and now you've got it set right and move on. You're right where you ought to be.

RMN: Well, it's a tough thing, Bob, for you and for John and the rest, but, goddamnit, I'm never going to discuss the son-of-bitching Watergate thing again. Never, never, never, never. Don't you agree?

BH: Yes, sir. You've done it now, and you've laid out your position. You've laid out--you've taken your steps. You've put the--

RMN: Interesting thing, we haven't heard a - the only cabinet member that has called-and this is 50 minutes after the thing is over-- is Cap Weinberger, bless his soul. All the rest are waiting to see what the polls show. Goddamn strong Cabinet, isn't it?

BH: You better check and be sure, because they may--you know , we've had a --

RMN: No, they know, they know, they know who to call, they know they can get through. But in any event, I just want you to know that Cap called -and he is all the way.

BH: Good.

RMN: But let me say you're a strong man, goddamnit, and I love you.

BH: Well-

RMN: And, you know, I love John and all the rest, and, by God, keep the faith. Keep the faith. You're going to win this son of a bitch.

BH: Absolutely.

RMN: You noticed what I said about the violence and so forth on the other side? I mean there were some intricacies in this that only the sophisticated will understand.

BH: Yes sir. I want to get the text because there were some things to work on from there, that we can build on--

RMN: I thought it was good to end on what I deeply felt - the religious note - you know - God bless America. I'm sure it must have driven you up the wall, it didn't drive me up the wall, but I felt that way.

BH: No, I'm all for that, I completely agree.

RMN: I don't know whether you can call and get any reactions? And call me back, like the old style?

BH: I don't think I can

RMN: I completely agree

BH: I'm in an odd spot to try and do that-

RMN: Don't call a goddamn soul. Let me just say, getting this call from you, when I haven't heard from any cabinet officer, except Weinberger, an hour afterwards - and no staff member-

BH: When I called, the board said they were instructed not to put any calls through-

RMN: The hell with that, I told them to put all the calls through

BH: Well, that may be why you haven't gotten them - because-

RMN: Alright, I'll change it. Fine, I'll change it. But God bless you boy, God bless you, I love you, as you know, as my brother.


RMN: Alright boy, keep the faith.

BH: Right

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