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From: Therese S., North Hollywood, CA

I always accept free training whenever I am not working. I am not tied to any one type of job. I don't believe in "careers," but rather in being flexible and open to change. The only thing I ask is that the job not be in a formal environment as I am not happy in such a place. Job training needs to take into account a person's background and prior successes. Since there aren't really a lot of jobs, what people need is to sit back for a while and get more education while they wait for things to pick up again.

I do think the government can drive more jobs by using its own buying to stimulate demand. For example, the military needs a lot of stuff, and to stimulate green economy, it can require that products be reusable, recyclable and energy efficient. It can, for example, buy LED light bulbs, and electricity and fuel from a variety of renewable sources.


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