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Return value of all land occupied to the community (Abolish private land ownership)

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From: Ronald R., Pittsburgh, PA

Poverty in America started as a perpetual permanent anchor on our economy when the frontier closed in the 1880s. This is when access to land for labor and investment closed. The result was a depression in wages and an added cost for investment. All progress was absorbed in rent.

Think about it: With all the land "bottled up" in royal titles to land, everybody born is obligated to pay another human being to exist. The cost to live on a space on this earth is the largest burden for families to afford. This is true for people everywhere, the United States included.

The only solution is to recognize the origination of the problem: private ownership of the rental value of land. Because of this private ownership, all progress eventually is absorbed by landowners, via "law of rent." The remedy is to recapture the rental value of land back to the community who funds all the land value in the first place.


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