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Follow some brutally simple steps

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From: Karl H., Baraboo, WI

It's Brutally Simple:

Get out of Afghanistan (Just pay the thugs off, and use them to build schools and such) and Iraq. NOW. Tell the Israeli government we will pull the plug on the billions we send them unless they halt the settlements and agree to the 1967 borders. Forget the oil or whatever reason we are so involved in the Middle East. Stop the corporate war machine; listen to General Eisenhower: the military is not for profit or jobs creation. Just look at our military budget and what might be done with even half of that sum. Problems solved.

Provide public-funded heath care for all. Ban corporate health care. Our hospitals should be getting smaller! Truth is, corporations make billions off our sickness. And poor people, who crowd our emergency rooms, cost us all many times more than if they had preventative health care. Duh.

Design cities around the needs of people not the needs of the automobile, coal, oil and gas industries and sprawl developers. Starting point: every grade school kid should be able to walk to school.

Invest in education -- not-for-profit education. Education does not cost in the long run. Know better, do better. And throw out those stupid standards!

Eat good food. Poor people need good food. Instead of well-paid, highly-educated nutritionists worrying about food labels, how about more food that does not have labels?

And none of the above will happen until we severely limit campaign contributions. How about $1,000 per constituent per election cycle? Zero from non-individuals. ZERO. This would mean the press would have to remember what they are for and actually cover campaigns and politics. How about that? An actual free press that does what the Founders had in mind, free from the profit motive. We need to separate this most vital institution from, guess again, corporate profiteering. Public campaigns, public news, pubic good.

In short, follow the money. That is, poor people are poor because someone else has all the money, influence, power and advantages. Fighting over the leftover crumbs ain't going to cut it.

Unless we really don't believe all people are equal.


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