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Ease process of getting small business loans

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From: Thomas T., Mobridge, SD

Everything's going to be okay.

That's the line I keep hearing, and something I keep telling myself. I started my art business last year, and received my state sales tax license. But so far, that's as far as I've gotten. Recently, an invitation to the 2011 Governor's Conference on Tourism, sent out to Made in South Dakota producers, came to my door. Being there, showing my work in our state's capital would be the shot in the arm my art business needs. However, booth space is $75. Housing and food for the two days would cost about $300 total. I have roughly $3 in savings now -- just enough to keep the account open. So I politely e-mailed those in charge of the event, and disappointedly declined. I now know how Cinderella felt being left home, while her sisters got to go to the ball.

My idea for reducing poverty is less government red tape to get loans for small businesses. I keep prices for my work low so everyone can afford something. Government and big businesses (banks especially) can afford to open up on loans.


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