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Stop redefining poverty for political reasons

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From: Matt E., Fargo, ND

Since some part of the increase in those considered to be below the poverty level has to do with specious and politically motivated redefinitions of the poverty line, there's no reason that a different set of politicians couldn't just redefine the poverty line and "poverty" to mean something else. Moving the poverty line up or down isn't meaningful.

The fact of the matter is that the majority of Americans of any income level are better off today than they were in 1968. People, even many below the poverty line, have safer cars that last longer and harm the environment less. They have air conditioners that use less electricity and let people live more comfortably. They have better medicines, and they have cheaper access to better vaccines and subsidized health.

Since every time we declare war on something in this country, we funnel lots of money into fighting it but only manage to make the problem bigger, perhaps we should just officially declare war on prosperity.


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