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Pull together to support our government

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From: PeggyAnn D., Bucksport, ME

I was hit with poverty during Bush's reign. It was coming due to the previous trickle down system. I lived in an area where the very wealthy reside in summer. The unfairness was so apparent. I come from an upper middle class family and attended Smith College successfully. "How could you be hungry?" people would ask me.

For five years, it became increasingly savage, and I was blamed by the rich and not so rich alike. I experienced the guilt, shame, and inertness that goes with poverty, and especially the isolation which leads to helplessness.

I believe in Obama. I also think he inherited a seat that is near impossible to captain. I never would have suggested grassroots outreach and help to Bush or Reagan, because we would have been used to keep the power where it was. Obama needs help to help us. I was hungry, cold and alone the night he won the election, and I sobbed. I felt hope.

I believe that under this current administration, any move we make to help ourselves, will help create a ripple effect that would be powerful and appreciated in Washington. We have to get together! I am ready.

Before I lost my farm, I wanted to ride on horseback across the country in a positive note of supporting the administration. Unfortunately, I am now too poor.


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