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Reimburse tuition for A and B college students

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From: Greg S., Dallas, TX

Education is the key to financial stability in an industrialized country like the United States.

We the people should offer to reimburse the tuition of anyone who earns a B or better in an accredited college or university. The federal government should do a needs assessment and reimburse at a higher rate for courses in degree fields that are in higher demand. The reimbursement would be based on tuition rates at public colleges, not private ones.

We the people have a self interested financial reason to want more people to be educated. Because income tax is the primary federal tax, the more people in this country that make taxable income, the less we all pay in taxes.

Although I have been very fortunate all my life, I grew up in a poor area. I know from experience that poor people are smart. Helping with education will not solve the poverty problem, but at least it is a step in the right direction.


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