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Increase jobs

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From: Ron B., Boston, MA

Four ways to increase jobs:

1. Remove the link between health insurance and employment by expanding Medicare to cover everyone. This would decrease the per employee cost to the employer, and free up resources to hire more workers.

2. Decrease the work week to four days per week. Employers would hire new workers to fill in on the fifth day.

3. Mandate, via a progressive income tax policy, that the lowest paid worker must make at least one-fortieth (1/40) of the highest paid employee in the company. This would insure that improving company profits would result in higher wages for all workers, thereby increasing their disposable income and increasing consumer demand.

4. Rewrite tax policy to discourage offshoring of jobs.


Jim N.
From Nisswa, MN

Look, I'm no economist, but we need to recapture jobs that were here 10 years ago that have now gone to China. I've worked in advertising/marketing for over 25 years and I have personally witnessed American companies that were making their products proudly here. Now, to remain competitive "had" to have their products made in China. There needs to be incentives/tax breaks for U.S. companies that remain/switch back producing products here. This would produce real full time jobs (not the temporary jobs that are being created/boasted as successful jobs being created now). I also realize that on the retail side, prices would be higher but we wouldn't have to worry about lead-based painted toys or faulty dangerous drywall etc. because it would be regulated here. And I know I sound like my dad when I say this, there was a day where "Made in the U.S.A. meant something. It used to mean it was made better because we made it. We need to start again make things proudly here with no apologies. My two cents... By the way, during these economic times how does a award winning creative who excelled in my profession for over 25 years find himself laid off and can't find a job? Sad indeed.

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