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Provide resources for new, single moms -- and advertise them

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From: Cori R., Salt Lake City, UT

As a newly single mother, I didn't know what help was available in the community. I was unable to find a job or housing. I needed job skills and a work history that my caring for my kids had not given me. It felt hopeless.

We need to establish community-based programs for newly single mothers. Let's assign them a mentor who helps them find resources and legal assistance, as well as job training, child care, housing etc. -- or, perhaps even provide those things. These mentors could also help single moms register for skill training, colleges or useful certificate programs through public (not private) institutions. As the moms transition into a career, they could continue to get help or advice from a mentor in their chosen field.

Single moms who live in poverty are much more likely to have children who live in poverty as adults. A little help when young women are faltering can prevent them from making horrible mistakes with permanent, life changing consequences.


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