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Provide "one stop" coordinated and comprehensive social services

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From: Rebekah M., Eden Prairie, MN

Too many agencies in too many locations with too many forms and often conflicting program requirements and duplicated staff are competing for a finite number of public and private funds to provide incomplete help to a population typically overwhelmed by daily family and financial functioning. The solution? A "one stop shop" model that provide comprehensive support to families:

- A single point of entry

- One case manager (or at least one point person coordinating services)

- Collaboration among agencies and services in a shared location

- Full support across areas such as food, clothing, housing, transportation, employment, financial literacy, nutritional education, health care access and more

- Long-term relationship building to reduce reliance on social service assistance over time

Several community agencies, including Golden Valley, Minnesota's PRISM (People Responding In Social Ministry) are actively working to move to this model.


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