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Provide school- and home-based tutors and mentors (and other education support)

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From: Nicole D., Grand Rapids, MI

To improve our children's chances at success, we need to increase and improve their educational opportunities. So many of our schools in poverty-stricken areas are failing. Children cannot receive the education that they need to provide for their families in the future, and to attend college and obtain a college degree.

We need to ensure that low-income children have supports in place to help with things that may get in the way of their education. A child who has not eaten isn't going to perform well in school; instead, his mind will be on that empty stomach. If his mom or dad is too busy trying to make ends meet to help with homework, who's going to explain that math problem that he just doesn't understand? That's where school-based tutors and home-based mentors come in. Tutors and mentors provide relationships that allow children to grow, as well as learn. They give a child some stability when everything around him or her is falling apart.


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