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Assign health care case worker to people with chronic or systemic illnesses

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From: Anna G., Falls Church, VA

With all the government agencies purported to help taxpayers, don't you think one could be dedicated to helping ill persons with systemic illnesses (involving more than one organ) find needed medical care? Today, the only recourse is to sue after being harmed. Because you need money upfront to even bring suit, this remedy is available only to those with money. I have found that many people become disabled and have to drop out of the workforce because even though they have money and medical insurance, they're just shuffled from one doctor to the next. We need an agency to help intervene as a mediator when patients aren't getting the health care they pay for because our system is dysfunctional. Our society has accepted this status quo because Americans believe that individuals need to fend for themselves. It's impossible to do that when ill.


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