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Re-establish the middle class

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From: Gene W., Bismarck, ND

The working class must be saved in much the same way the financial sector was saved from collapse over a year ago. In fact, a more intelligent economic stimulus plan at that time would have been restoring the wealth of workers first, then that of the banks. One hundred percent of health care must be provided. Health care and retirement pensions are forms of wealth that have been systematically withdrawn from the middle class over the past 30 years. Wages must be restored. Current middle income wage earners cannot afford to maintain middle class standards of living. Although median range income earners continue to exist, the middle class, as a way of life, has ceased to exist in the United States. As a result, businesses and industries are experiencing economic hardship. But when businesses and industries spent two generations firing workers and trimming wages and benefits in order to inflate stock prices and look profitable in the short term, they were bound to run out of customers to sell their products to. More at


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