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From: Mark R., Minneapolis, MN

My Office of the Secretary of State helped over 60,000 Minnesotans create new businesses last year. Almost all are tiny microbusinesses, as they are called by the Small Business Association, with zero to 10 employees. The majority of these would qualify as self-employment -- e.g., sole proprietors, family businesses, professional partnerships. This is the only sector of our economy with net employment growth, and it is the only way that we inject creativity into our economy. Working for someone else has its place in life, but it is not the place where growth and innovation take place. Digital technology has radically accelerated the movement of our economy toward the micro- and the interconnected-local. We will continue to lose jobs that are being outsourced by the largest companies. We can overcome this negative trend by accelerating new business creation and by boosting small business success rates and profitability.


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