Producers: Stephen Smith and Kate Ellis
Co-producer: Nick Spitzer
Editor: Ben Shapiro

Web Producer: Ochen Kaylan
Senior Producer: Sasha Aslanian
Marketing/distribution: Mary Beth Kirchner
Associate Producer: Ellen Guettler
Project Managers: Laurie Stern, Misha Quill
Audio Mixing: Craig Thorson
Production Assistance: Denise Nichols, Cally Carswell, Katherine Lewis, Courtney Stein, Kathleen Ward

American Routes team:

Producer and host: Nick Spitzer
Managing producer: Kaori Maeyama
Program associate: Lauren Callihan
Production manager: Jason Rhein
Editor: Scott McCraw
Technical support: Matt Sakakeeny
Production assistant: Dan Cutler
Transcript preparation: Alexis Annis
Remote studio: Jeffery Talbot of Audio Works in New Orleans

American Routes® is produced at Basin St. Station in New Orleans in collaboration with the University of New Orleans. The program is co-produced and distributed by American Public Media.

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