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McDonald's & Environmental Defense Fund Mark 10th Anniversary Of Landmark Alliance
A press release from the Environmental Defense Fund describes how enviromental activists and McDonald's have worked together for more than 10 years to save energy and eliminate waste.

McDonald's site on Animal Welfare
McDonald's own site on the treatment of animals, which also has links to Temple Grandin.

Dr. Temple Grandin's Web site
Temple's site contains fascinating articles about both of her main passions: animal welfare and the world of autism.

Thinking In Pictures
In this essay, Temple Grandin looks back on her life and explores why her autistic ways of thinking help her understand animals.

Thinking in Pictures
Temple Grandin's autobiography on being a scientist and an autistic person. She tells how she managed to breach the boundaries of autism to function in the outside world.

This group has led campaigns against some of the most powerful corporations in America, demanding that they treat animals more humanely. Their ultimate goal is to convert the world to veganism.

These links give a look at PETA's campaigns against the three leading fast food chains, including the "Unhappy Meal" campaign which targeted McDonald's:

Historical and Famous Vegetarians
Some of the world's most famous people were vegetarian and opposed killing animals on moral grounds—including Leonardo da Vinci and Albert Schweitzer. This site surveys some of their opinions.

Peter Singer
Singer is a contemporary, controversial philosopher/activist who champions the vegetarian ethic.

American Meat Institute
This is the meat industry trade association. They've been urging their members, which include the leading slaughterhouses, to adopt voluntary standards like the ones McDonald's is using.

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