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  June 2002

  By Daniel Zwerdling

Changing the Egg Business (opens new window)

Ethics Into Action
By Peter Singer

McDonald's Inspection Form (PDF format)

    PART I
Cracking Down on Egg Suppliers
Activists have been warning for decades that farms and slaughterhouses mistreat animals, and for almost as long, farmers and food industry executives have scoffed. But over the past two years, an unlikely corporation—McDonald's—has taken the lead in the campaign for animal welfare.

Changing the Cattle Business (opens new window)

Excel Slaughterhouse's Inspection Results (PDF format) An example of Temple Grandin's innovative system to measure brutality.

Kill Them With Kindness
Executives at McDonald's and other food corporations say they might never have adopted animal welfare guidelines if they hadn't met a woman with unusual skills and passions: Temple Grandin. Grandin has gained fame for two reasons: first, she is autistic; and second, she says that her autism makes it possible for her to experience the world as cattle and other animals do.
Temple Grandin
Temple Grandin.
Photo: © Rosalie Winard
What do you think about the fast food industry's new animal welfare policies? Discuss this story.

Daniel Zwerdling, Temple Grandin, Ellen Haas, and Terrie Dort discuss McDonald's new animal welfare guidelines and the future of the food we eat on NPR's Talk of the Nation.

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