Burning the Evidence (Jan. 01)
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    During the war in Kosovo in 1999, war-crimes investigators suspected that Serbian forces were hiding evidence of atrocities by removing bodies of murdered Albanians from graves and execution sites. But until now, no one could say precisely what happened to many of these bodies.

    This is the story of a secret and grisly operation by Serbian security forces to destroy evidence of possible war crimes in an industrial furnace in northern Kosovo.

    Massacre at Cuska (Feb. 00)
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    On May 14, 1999, 41 ethnic Albanian men were killed by Serbian fighters in the village of Cuska in Kosovo. Other villages in the region were attacked the same day in what appears to have been a concerted plan of ethnic cleansing executed by organized militia forces. Today, as justice efforts focus on high-level officials, it appears many of the actual killers may never see trial.

    ARW journalists Stephen Smith and Michael Montgomery continue to investigate what happened that day. Here they present one-on-one interviews with Serbian militia members and survivors of the attack; photos of perpetrators, diary fragments, state documents, and lists of the dead. Their story includes insights from investigators from world organizations seeking to bring justice to Kosovo.

    Murder at Pec (Oct. 99)
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