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About War Crimes
The Berkeley War Crimes Study Center
Crimes of War Project

Prosecuting War Crimes
Lawyers Committee for Human Rights, "Ad hoc Tribunals do not get the job done."
Coalition for the International Criminal Court,
USA for the ICC,
Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court

Links for Students
Facing History and Ourselves -
The Holocaust Guide for Teachers -
American Political Science Association, "The Bosnian War Crimes Trial Simulation: Teaching Students about the Fuzziness of World Politics and International Law,"

About the Holocaust
The US Holocaust Memorial Museum
Simon Wiesenthal Center Multimedia Learning Center Online
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About Nuremberg (including transcripts)
The Avalon Project at Yale Law School
The Nizkor Project
Court TV, "A Look Back at Nuremberg,"

About the Subsequent Nuremberg Trials
Nuremberg Trials Held by the United States of America Under Control Council Law No.10
The Subsequent Nuremberg Trials: An Overview
The Doctors Trial

Holocaust Survivors
Survivors of the Shoah/ Speilberg Foundation
The Fortunoff Collection

About the Rwandan Genocide
PBS' Frontline, "The Triumph of Evil," January 1999.
Amnesty International USA, "Forsaken Cries,"
US Institute of Peace Report, "Rwanda: Accountability for War Crimes and Genocide"
Human Rights Watch Report, "Leave None to Tell the Story," March 1999.
BBC, "Rwanda, How the Genocide Happened," June, 2001.

About Prosecutions in Rwanda
International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda
All Africa news reports

Schedule on the Republic of Rwanda web site
Johns Hopkins Center for Communications Africa program
Internews - ICTR Report on the pilot gacaca

About Rwanda Survivors
International Conference of Genocide Survivors
BBC, "Rwanda Counts its Dead," July 17,2000.

About War Crimes in Bosnia
Guardian Unlimited, "War Crimes in Yugoslavia.",2759,181286,00.html
BBC Bosnia timeline
Human Rights Watch report, "Bosnia and Hecegovia, Reaping the Rewards of Ethnic Cleansing," 1997.
Human Rights Center at University of California, Berkeley
Institute for War and Peace Reporting

About the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia
International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia

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