For a comprehensive look at race and radio in the WWII years, an excellent resource is Barbara Dianne Savage's Broadcasting Freedom (1999, University of North Carolina Press).

Producer Donnie Betts is bringing Richard Durham's Destination Freedom back the the air. Find out more at

Archival recordings for Radio Fights Jim Crow: Program material came from a variety of sources, including the National Archives and Records Administration, the Library of Congress, the Vincent Voice Library at Michigan State University, the Municipal Archives of New York City, and audio researcher Andy Lanset. Thanks also to historian and collector J. Fred McDonald in Chicago.

A trove of digital images related to black military personnel and war production workers can be found at the National Archives. Digital images from photographs of the 30s and 40s—especially some of the legendary work of the Farm Security Administration photographers—can be found at the Library of Congress.

For more on the Behind the Veil oral history project, visit the Center for Documentary Studies.

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