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Durham Perspectives

American RadioWorks correspondent John Biewen spoke with experts and community activists about what they'd like to see happen to those who commit crimes and those about to be released.

Phil Jackson Phillip Jackson, Founder and Director, New Beginnings Outreach, Inc., Durham, North Carolina
"Whenever you saw real change in the African-American community, it came from the pulpit and it's gonna have to come from the pulpit now. We're gonna have to have men of God stand up and be accounted for. Teach the men within the congregations how to go back and reach those that are in trouble and pull them out. And that's where—it's gonna be a grassroots effort."

Gudrun Parmer Gudrun Parmer, Director, Criminal Justice Resource Center, Durham, North Carolina
"The greatest need is the employment piece and. it's so hard right now for them to find employment. Because on top of the criminal record, the economy is so bad that it's hard for any of our offenders to find suitable jobs."

Milton Jordan Milton Jordan, journalist and independent businessman, Durham, North Carolina
"The unfortunate thing is that most people on the change continuum don't have any help and they come to those defining moments and lose. In the drug culture they call it relapse. The same thing happens in crime. You come to one of those defining moments and the criminal in you wins as opposed to the changeling in you."

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