The Gang Lives On

Over the past decade, federal prosecutors have aggressively targeted the Mexican Mafia and other prison gangs. Many Eme members are now serving life sentences in federal prisons. Enriquez says these efforts have undercut the organization's influence on street gangs. But the gang is still a powerful force.

Rene Enriquez: Every indictment, every member who leaves the organization, has an impact. But it does not cripple the group because it's not dependent on any one individual. There's nothing that law enforcement can do, besides executing all the members, that will stop the organization. And once they do that, a new organization will blossom. This is the dynamic of prison and the prison underworld. It won't stop. The Italian mob and the Acuza have been around for hundreds of years. These are organized crime groups. They flourished, blossomed and legitimized. They still participate in illicit activities. The Mexican Mafia is still in its nascency. It's only 50, 60 years old. So it's in its evolutionary phase. It's metamorphosing right now. In 15 years, you'll see an organization that's completely different from today. I think you'll see advancements in organizational skills. And they'll stop recruiting in prison and recruit more on the streets.

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