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Special thanks to Vicki Been at New York University's Furman Center on Real Estate and Urban Policy, Carolina Reid at the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, Michele Johnson and all the staff at Consumer Credit Counseling Services of Southern Nevada, Guy Rocha, D. Taylor and the Las Vegas Culinary Workers Union, Jeremy Aguero of Applied Analysis, Keith Schwer of the Center for Business and Economic Research at the University of Nevada Las Vegas, John Ritter at Focus Property Group, Alan Feldman, Flo Rogers at KNPR, Marshall Allen of the Las Vegas Sun, Janice Baker, Hal Rothman, Matt O'Brien, Linda Lera-Randle El and Straight from the Streets. Also, to the many generous residents of Las Vegas who shared their time, stories and insights, including Yvonne Karim and Jeff Reithl, Vikki Gaskill, Brandon Smith, Shane Nguyen, Maxine Tran, Jack Thill, Dave Van Campen, Devon Dodson, Mike Heger, and Allesandro Chioccetti.

This program is part of The Real Face of Poverty, American RadioWorks' series on poverty and opportunity in the United States. Support for this series comes from Northwest Area Foundation.

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