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 The Fertility Race
 Family Album

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This picture was taken March 23. The babies are in Emily's isolette. Emily is in the foreground. Gary took this one.

This picture was taken on May 2, 1997 by my mother. The babies were six weeks old. Emily is the one yawning, I'm in the middle, and James is asleep.

This picture was taken on Sept. 24, 1997, when the kids were six months old. Emily is on the left.

I took this one on Thanksgiving morning. Gary and I were bathing the kids before going to some friends house for Thanksgiving dinner. James is on the left. I took the picture.

I took this on November 18, 1997, when the kids were eight months old. Emily now totally refuses to have anything put on her head. I put a hat on her head, she's pulling it off, James is watching.

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