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America's Drug War
Story by Deborah Amos
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After 30 years and billions of tax dollars, America's war against drugs rages on, unabated and across many borders. Combatants from both sides of the drug war - traffickers, informants, money launders, federal agents, addicts, and politicians - shed light on the U.S. government's fight against one of the world's most profitable industries. More >

Photography by Steve Schapiro
Steve Schapiro, contributing photographer for American RadioWorks, shoots the drug war and those trying to get help:
Drug traffickers Busted at the Border
Life is Better Without Heroin at a Methadone clinic.
Drug Free a Day at a Time at a men's recovery home
Read Other's Stories
We collected stories from people with first-hand experience with the drug trade or addiction:
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This special report is based on a series that ran last fall on All Things Considered from NPR News(SM) in collaboration with PBS's Frontline.

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