America's Drug War

Story by Deborah Amos

After 30 years and billions of tax dollars, America's war against drugs rages on, unabated and across many borders. Combatants from both sides of the drug war - traffickers, informants, money launders, federal agents, addicts, and politicians - shed light on the U.S. government's fight against one of the world's most profitable industries. More >

Photography by Steve Schapiro
Steve Schapiro, contributing photographer for American RadioWorks, shoots the drug war and those trying to get help:
Drug traffickers Busted at the Border
Life is Better Without Heroin at a Methadone clinic.
Drug Free a Day at a Time at a men's recovery home
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We collected stories from people with first-hand experience with the drug trade or addiction:
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This special report is based on a series that ran last fall on All Things Considered from NPR News(SM) in collaboration with PBS's Frontline.

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