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The Faces of the Antwerp Diamond District


Brum Fischler
De Beers site holder
President of the World Federation of Diamond Bourses

Brum Fischler has been a De Beers site holder since 1968, making him one of an elite number of diamond manufacturers. Every five weeks he travels to London to buy his allotment of stones for a price set by De Beers.

Fischler on the changing climate in Antwerp bourses. Real Audio, 1:47


Eddy Elzas
Diamond dealer

Eddy Elzas specializes in the niche market of naturally colored diamonds. He says that with colored diamonds, you get the brilliancy of the diamond, combined with the color of the precious stone.

Elza on the surprise of colored diamonds. Real Audio, 1:34


Bob Delelea
Diamond Polisher

Bob Delelea is one of Antwerp's dwindling number of diamond polishers. Cutters here are some of the most skilled in the world, but it is difficult to compete against cheaper cutting centers in Asia. Workers polish stones by holding them against wheels coated with diamond dust and oil.

Delelea on the tricks of the trade. Real Audio, 1:21

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