Reforms in recent years have made many of the lush perks once enjoyed by Congress disappear. But not all, certainly not travel. That's the conclusion of an investigation by Marketplace, American RadioWorks, and a team of graduate students from Northwestern's Medill School of Journalism, who cataloged every privately sponsored trip taken by members of the House or Senate since 2000. The result: Over $14 million spent by corporations, universities, and other outside interests, sending representatives around the world, for sometimes questionable reasons.

How much do your representatives travel?
Who accepts the most money in trips?
How do the parties compare?

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Rules of the Road
London. Antigua. Golf trips. Spas. Congress travels in style when outsiders foot the bill. Reporter Steve Henn explores the concern that free travel is a widely abused perk.

King of Travel
Sen. John Breaux (D-La.) is a legendary dealmaker on Capitol Hill. He's also the king of congressional travel, with 56 trips in less than five years, paid for by industry groups, lobbyists, and universities.

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Who are these sponsors, and why would they spend so much?

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