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Battered in Biloxi (4:37) - Sept. 7, 2005
When Hurricane Katrina roared across the Gulf Coast, it wiped out countless businesses, large and small. One of the biggest employers on the coast, in Mississippi specifically, is the casino industry. Biloxi is Mississippi's casino capital where many saw their homes damaged or destroyed. And now people in Biloxi are wondering if the storm swept away their jobs as well.

Biloxi Blues (4:48) - Jan. 11, 2006
A handful of casinos in Biloxi recently reopened. That means jobs and paychecks for thousands of people. Then, Harrah's committed to building two more casinos in Biloxi. Federal cash is also on the way to help folks who lost their homes to Hurricane Katrina and didn't have any flood insurance. Question is, will the money come in time?

The Vietnamese Community in Biloxi Rebuilds (3:12) - Jan. 17, 2006

Rebuilding in Biloxi (5:14) - Feb. 22, 2006

What Lurks Beneath (3:13) - May 9, 2006

Two Plans for Biloxi (3:14) - Jun. 6, 2006
Hurricane Katrina wiped out most of the housing in East Biloxi. The question now is, what will go in its place? Will it be casinos, condos, affordable housing? One nonprofit group is close to unveiling a a master plan including all of the above. But some powerful developers have a different idea of the city's future.

Biloxi Hold or Sell (4:51) - Jun. 14, 2006
Even though much of the Gulf Coast is still trying to recover from Hurricane Katrina, there is a land rush of sorts going on down in Biloxi, parts of which were leveled by the storm. Now they're prime turf because the casinos are coming back, and landowners are getting big bucks for their lots. Others, though, won't be able to cash in for years, if at all.

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