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Adoption stories

Laura Dennis-Bay
Williamsburg, KY

Birth Country: India
Decade of adoption: 2000 or later

For the longest time I thought I didn't want children. Then, in my 20s, I became very convinced that I did, but that my children would be born not of my body, but overseas. Finding a companion to share that vision turned out to be more difficult than I'd imagined, as international adoption just made so much sense to me. I wanted children and there were children who needed parents. Fortunately, I found that special someone. We married and a few years later brought home our first two children, sisters Sapna Jessica, age 6, and Sampa Lily, age 3, from India. Life changed in an instant, and while there have been tough times, I wouldn't change a thing. In fact, we loved being parents so much that less than two years later, we started the journey to adopt a toddler boy named Binny, also from India. That adoption process was much harder than the first, taking well over a year as opposed to the mere six months of the first. He's home now though, and our family feels complete. People try to tell me my children are lucky, and maybe in some vague material sense they are, but I don't see it that way, for my husband and I are the luckiest ones of all to have these three wonderful souls in our hearts and in our lives.

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