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Adoption stories

Sara Schlueter Weidner
Prairie Village, KS

Birth Country: South Korea
Decade of adoption: 1970s

I am the youngest of six adopted children, two from the United States and the rest from South Korea. My parents saw a documentary at church on Korean war orphans and decided that their home was big enough to adopt another child. I was number three. My parents began the process of adopting a Korean orphan through Holt International and received notice that there was a baby boy for them. One month before he was to come to the United States, he suddenly died from a fever. My parents were devastated. A few weeks later, Holt contacted them and stated that they had a baby girl for them. At the age of five months, I came to the United States via a 747 to Chicago, Illinois. Back then, whole planes were chartered for adoptees. My parents nervously waited, and then I was delivered to them. My parents are courageous and loving people.

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